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It has been said that how we eat represents our most profound engagement with the natural world.  Human agricultural practices have done much to alter the planet we call home, yet many of us remain far removed from the processes that brought our dinners to our plates.

The potential for our food habits to do irreparable harm to our planet, our regions and our communities is great.  Luckily the benefits of shifting to sustainable agricultural practices are endless.

SPEC envisions a future where communities reduce their environmental foodprint by making conscious food choices and supporting progressive policies.  The process involves building community around a new food culture.


SPEC’s Food Committee is committed to building a just, sustainable and resilient food system.  Through the work of board members, staff and volunteers the committee has engaged children, teachers, communities, NGOs, local businesses and government officials in learning about and supporting sustainable food systems.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Our Approach

  • We educate the public about the environmental impacts of their food choices and foster community building around food production and consumption
  • Our demonstration projects help engage individuals and groups in food projects that sustain both environment and community.
  • We advocate at a municipal and provincial level for policies that increase the sustainability and resiliency of our food system.
  • We research sustainable urban agriculture techniques and promote these through outreach and education.

Supporters and Funders

We would like to thank the following organizations for their support to help us run this program:

Acme Delivery Company, Bayview PAC, BC Hydro, BC Lottery Commission, Brock Junction Daycare, City of Vancouver, Gaia Green, Hewer's Home Hardware, Kits High PAC, L'Ecole Bilingue PAC, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, MacInnes Landscaping, the metta movement, Point Grey Community Church, Queen Elizabeth PAC, Telus, Think & Eat Green @ School, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Thunderbird Daycare and Community Centre, Tupper Tech Careers Program, UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver Foundation, Vancity, Vancouver School Board, West Coast Seeds, Whole Foods Market and Whole Kids Foundation.

Society Promoting Environmental Conservation

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