Ecosystem Services Project

Supporting Nature's Contributions to People

Ecosystem Services are the valuable benefits nature gives to all members of society. These include the clean air and water provided by plant life, the food we grow and harvest on farms, and the wild pollinator populations that support growth. One of the best ways to encourage these services is to support small-scale farmers in their role as stewards of the land.

Program Details

The Farmland Ecosystem Services Project works with small-scale farmers in Metro Vancouver to increase ecosystem services provided on local farmlands. This benefits our regional environment and helps farmers in our communities build resilience to challenges like climate change.

Current Projects

Small Farms Sessions

A yearly seminar for 50-60 farmers for education and networking


South Coastal Compost Guide

The “South Coastal BC Compost Guide” is designed to assist farmers in making informed decisions about compost selection and its benefits for their farms. 

Pests & Beneficials Citizen Science

Farmers and gardeners collaborate on citizen science project through the Pest and Beneficial Insects iNaturalist project.

Soil testing support

Our program provides support for soil analysis including a cost-share program for laboratory fees, sampling design and assistance, and interpretation of results. The soil testing support program generally opens in the spring and fall of each year, via our email list. To add your name to the list contact ecosystemservices@spec.bc.ca  for more details. 




Cover Crop Program

Small-scale farmers are provided no or low-cost cover crop seed for fall cover cropping to encourage winter soil cover, decrease erosions, and improve biodiversity. SPEC uses feedback gathered from participating farmers to better understand ideal cover cropping blend, seeding rate, and seeding time in a changing climate. Cover crop seed is offered via our email list. To add your name to the list contact ecosystemservices@spec.bc.ca for more details. 



Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters and partners.

We have been lucky to work with small-scale farmers in Vancouver since 2016 and hope to see their success and numbers grow. They bring us hope for a better future.

To learn more or to contribute to this project, please contact Morgan Hamilton.