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Welcome to the Neighbourhood Nature School.

 This is an online learning hub for students from (K – 7) to learn about the environment, gardening, growing food together, our local food systems, exploring nature through observations and curiosity and  on occasion, sharing healthy recipes. A variety of lessons and activities will be added to this page and to our Instagram page on a regular basis. Students and families can collaboratively learn together while learning at home, exploring their backyard and neighbourhood.  

Our content is linked to our Green Thumbs at School: Food Garden Lesson Book 

Seasonal Scavenger Hunts

Lessons and Activities

  • Secret Lives of Earthworms
  • Pollinators 

Current Lessons

LESSON: Insect Anatomy 

Gardens are filled with insects! Some are beneficial (good) and some are pests (bad). Insects are invertebrates which means that they don’t have a back bone or skeleton. They do have an exoskeleton which is waterproof, tough and protects their soft internal body. 

Some insects pollinate plants, while others provide natural pest control and some, well they damage our favourite crops. 

  • Where do we find insects? 
  • What role do they play in our ecosystem?
  • Where do insects live? What do they eat?

In part one of this lesson, we will explore insect anatomy and learn more about the three different body parts (head, thorax, abdomen). We’ll explore the other features and functions too! 

ACTIVITY:  Build a Nature Bug 

Now that you’ve learnt about the different parts of an insect, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Head outside, go on a treasure hunt to collect sticks, leaves, flowers in all shapes, colours and sizes to create and build your very own nature bug! 

LESSON: Insect Life Cycles (K to 7)

Did you know that there are over 1 million insect species?!

About 55,000 species live in Canada.

  • How long do insects live?
  • Where can you find them?
  • How many species of insects are there?

Some insects are food for birds, and frogs, while other insects pollinate plants, provide natural pest control, and some, well they damage our favourite crops.

In part two of this lesson, we will explore insect life cycles and learn more about the different stages of metamorphosis in different insect families.

ACTIVITY: Observe insects in a bug jar