Carole Christopher

Volunteer Award of Excellence

The Carole Christopher Volunteer Award of Excellence recognizes SPEC volunteers who have contributed meaningfully towards SPEC’s mission, whether that is through working in the field on a specific program, providing advice or leadership for a Team, or assisting at an administrative level.

The recipients are celebrated for their inspiration, impact, and/or reach that they have had on our community.



How has the nominated volunteer served a role model in the community for other SPEC members? Describe how the nominee inspired others through their work ethic, attitude, dedication, and/or leadership abilities.


How has the nominee made a lasting difference in the community through their work with SPEC? What projects, programs, and committees have they been involved with?


How many people were affected by the nominee’s work with SPEC and how they were affected? Think about which projects the nominee worked on, and how many people were affected by those projects.