Elders Circle

Particularly at this time of urgent and intersecting crises, the need for wise and caring elders has never been greater

We work to empower Elders to create and share a legacy and claim a meaningful role in society. With thoughtful reflection and a deep sense of self-understanding, elders are able to share their legacy with others.

The SPEC Elders Circle offers a space and process that encourages deep reflection, personal connection, and intimate discussion to foster the emergence and sharing of this wisdom. 


Meetings are free and open to the public. We meet to connect, reflect, and share new ideas to explore.

Elders Circle meetings are currently on hold due to covid-19. Please sign up below to be notified of when meetings resume.

Current Projects

Claiming our Role as Elders (CORE)

Program focused on encouraging elders to claim a societal role and share wisdom through legacy-making.

Legacy-making for Organizational Guiding Elders

A training program on developing Guiding Elder knowledge and skills for organization participation.

Earth Treasure Vase

A global healing practice dedicated to bringing healing and protection to the regions where the vases are planted.

Past Projects


Elders Circle Salons feature topics of interest to engaged elders and opportunities for deep reflection, personal connection, and intimate discussion. At each Elders Circle salon, elders and youngers gather to connect, explore, and grow.

Mutual Mentoring

There is a buzz of interest growing between elders and ‘youngers’ about how we can share our diverse skills, knowledge, and wisdom through intergenerational relations. Mutual mentoring is a way for people of different ages to connect and grow together into more diverse personal relationships, and ultimately, stronger communities.

Articles from the Elders Circle:

Rebuilding Regenerative Society