Climate Resilience

There is growing urgency in Canada to take collective action against the climate crisis.

We are already feeling unmistakable impacts such as wildfires, extreme heat and cold, flooding and intense storms.

Climate resilience is the capacity to anticipate, prepare for, respond and recover from climate change related disturbances.

SPEC approaches climate resilience by raising awareness and educating about climate change, and providing tools and avenues for communities to take action. We value and encourage individual and collective action, considering that both are interconnected and required to push for the systemic change that we urgently need


Lovin' the Earth

Campaign to promote climate action and innovative solutions through a friendly positive approach. 

Climate Communication

Workshops, events and initiatives to discuss, learn and equip community members with effective climate action communications tools and strategies.

Climate Initiatives Mapping

A user-friendly map of local and regional climate initiatives for organizations, governments and individuals to become informed and get involved.

Want to get involved?

Volunteer for one of our teams in the areas of food, waste reduction and energy and transportation, or at one of our upcoming events.