Repair Café

In cooperation with the City of Vancouver, SPEC is hosting 9 repair cafes for 2023 in support of the City’s Zero Waste by 2040 goals and SPEC’s Zero Waste Committee education and advocacy programs. 

Book one free appointment time slot between 9:30am-1:30pm to receive in person repair help for textiles, small appliances, electronics, computers, and more from our volunteer repairers. 


What is a Repair Café?

Started in Amsterdam in 2009, Repair Café is a global initiative that aims to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills, and to change society’s “throw-away” mindset.

Repair Café brings together local repair volunteers with a knack for repairing who are willing to lend their knowledge and show event participants how to carry out repairs.

The more we can repair, reuse, and recycle the longer products stay in circulation.  

Repair Café Locations and Dates

Repair Café Dates

  • February 18, Hastings Community Center   
  • March 18, Trout Lake Community Center  
  • April 22, City Hall    
  • May 20, Killarney Community Center    
  • June 17, City Hall      
  • July 22, Hillcrest      
  • September 9, Britannia Community Centre   Reserve a Spot
  • October 21st, Kitsilano Community Centre Registration coming soon!

Repair Categories

  • Computers
  • Small appliances and electronics
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Bicycles
For more information on accepted items, please see individual Repair Café links above

Get Involved!

Volunteers are integral to the functioning of a repair café. We are currently seeking volunteers for the following roles:

Registration/ Check-in volunteers are the first people to interact with participants when they enter the Repair Café. Tasks include:
  • Greet visitor at the entrance and confirm their appointment on the guest list
  • Ask visitor to complete waiver form and confirm item being repaired
  • Review House Rules with guest
  • Ensure item being repaired is clean – instruct visitor to clean food particles, dust, etc.
  • Introduce visitor to their repair volunteer
  • Ensure data is collected before visitor leaves
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Event support volunteers help to ensure the event is running smoothly through the day. Tasks include:
  • Set up and clean up
  • Repair Data collection
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Fixers (repairers) volunteers are handy and likes to share their knowledge with community membes.
We particularly need fixers who are handing with:
  • Electronics
  • Small appliances
  • Clothing/textiles
  • Bikes
  • Jewelery
  • Books and paper repair
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