Yard Garden Harvest Project

Supporting those in need with locally grown, organic foods.


The Yard Garden Harvest Project was an idea sparked by a group of individuals who wanted to expand the positive impact the Riley Park Community Garden had by providing food grown with organic practices to those who have an identified need within the Little Mountain community.

Our program is rooted in deepening connections within the community of Little Mountain Neighbourhood. To do this, we engage with members through access to their land or labour while growing food and distributing it to those who are experiencing food insecurity.

Through the hard work of the Yard Garden Harvest Project team and the caring volunteers and neighbours who have generously offered their land, this program has improved the local access to fresh vegetables.

As a part of growing this healthy produce, we provide community members with a chance to create meaningful connections, contribute to the wellbeing of our community through volunteering, and learn and practice sustainable growing methods. These actions build a stronger sense of community. Also, they help increase local food security and contributing to a more sustainable world.


YGH has developed a great partnership with SPEC through our wonderful volunteers who have become amazing leaders in the program.

More information via Riley Park Community Garden.

More information via Little Mountain Neighbourhood House.