Climate Action Workshops Series (CAWS)

The Climate Action Workshop Series strives to empower students in grades 3 to 9 by fostering an understanding of the science of climate change, sustainable food systems, and impact on local ecosystems.  These engaging workshops will cover topics on climate change and its impacts regionally and globally, Indigenous knowledge and storytelling, and food security while also addressing the topic of climate grief and how to take action through our choices.  Our hands-on approach, which includes activities, storytelling, and discussions, aims to engage students in meaningful ways.

During the workshops, students will:

  • Delve into the ecological and social impacts of climate change, both regionally in British Columbia and globally

  • Foster a deeper connection to place through understanding local food systems and fostering solidarity with all kin 

  • Experience integrated Indigenous storytelling and Indigenous ways of knowing 

  • Engage in group discussions, reflecting on climate grief and avenues for personal and collective action

The curriculum is connected to the United Nations-Sustainable Development Goals & Core Competencies: Science, Communication, Thinking, Personal Awareness & Responsibility, and Social Awareness & Responsibility.


This pilot-program provides three free facilitated 60-minute workshops tailored for students in grades 3 to 9. Currently, in-classroom workshops are available in Vancouver, and there is a possibility of extending the program to Metro Vancouver post-pilot, contingent upon securing additional funding. 

If you are an educator interested in this free program*, please complete the Expression of Interest form below. 


*We encourage educators in districts outside of Vancouver interested in this program to complete the form. Your expression of interest not only helps demonstrate the need for this program but also ensures that you will be among the first contacted if the program is expanded.