The Renewable Energy Experience kicks off for Summer 2024!

The Renewable Energy Experience (tREX) is one of our most anticipated summer events, and it was fantastic to see so many passionate individuals come together to learn about renewable energy solutions in our community.

Reflections from Our First Tour

Our first tour, led by our dedicated volunteer and board member Chris, was an energizing experience. Participants gathered at the Olympic Village Skytrain Station, eager to explore the area’s renewable energy assets. The tour highlighted energy-efficient buildings and green transportation options (and more!). Each stop showcasing our strides towards a zero fossil fuel future.

Chris’s enthusiasm and expertise made complex concepts accessible and engaging. His insights into renewable energy systems left everyone inspired and motivated to contribute to our community’s sustainable future.

A Word from Chris

We sat down with Chris to get his perspective on the tREX tours and their impact on our community.

Interview with Chris:

Q: What can participants expect from a tREX tour?

Chris: The tREX tours are all about discovery. We are surrounded by renewable energy, whether it’s green transportation, energy-efficient buildings, or an urban farm. I love showing people the diverse renewable energy assets in Olympic Village and discussing our progress towards a zero fossil fuel future.

Q: What inspired you to volunteer for the tREX tours?

Chris: I’ve always been passionate about making a positive impact through community building and climate action. When I heard about the tREX tours, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge and inspire others to drive meaningful change.

Q: Why the name tREX?

Chris: The tREX tours were the brainchild of our E&T member Ruth Elizabeth. They showcase renewable assets in Vancouver and nod to her love of dinosaurs, hence the acronym tREX.

Q: Is there one stop on the tour that you find particularly interesting?

Chris: The False Creek Energy Centre is one of the coolest parts. It extracts heat energy from the sewers and converts it into heated domestic hot water for the Olympic Village and surrounding area. The system is expanding to serve more new buildings.

Upcoming Tours – Join Us!

Don’t worry if you missed the first tour; we have more tREX tours coming up. Here are the dates for our upcoming tours:

False Creek Renewable Energy Centre

All tours run from 5:30pm to around 7:00pm, starting at the Olympic Village Skytrain Station and ending at the Creekside Community Centre.

Why Join a Renewable Energy Experience (tREX) Tour?

The tREX tours are ideal for anyone passionate about community building and climate action. We welcome people of all ages to join our efforts in driving meaningful change. Whether you’re an individual, a family, or a group of friends, you’ll find the tREX tours enriching and educational.

How to Sign Up

To reserve your spot, visit our website and register for one of our upcoming tours. Spaces are limited, so sign up soon!

Renewable energy tour in Vancouver

Renewable Energy Facts 

  • In 1994, 33% of trips were taken by foot, bike, or transit. This increased to 40% by 2008 and has now surpassed 50% (City of Vancouver).
  • Renewable energy resources currently provide about 31% of Vancouver’s energy sources. Globally, renewables account for approximately 29% of electricity generation (City of Vancouver) (City of Vancouver).
  • Vancouver aims to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050 and reduce GHG emissions by at least 80% below 2007 levels by 2050. New buildings are targeted to be zero-emission by 2030, and the city is already noted for having the lowest GHG emissions per capita among major North American cities (City of Vancouver) (City of Vancouver).
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