tREX: The Renewable Energy eXperience

Did you know we are surrounded by renewable energy?

Whether it’s green transportation, energy efficient buildings or an urban farm, it’s just a question of taking another look around. 

Join Chris and SPEC’s Energy Team in exploring a diverse array of renewable energy assets at Olympic Village and let’s discuss how far down the road we are for a zero fossil fuels future.

Tour Details


All tours run from 5:30pm until around 7:00pm.


Tours start at the Olympic Village Skytrain Station and end at the Creekside Community Centre.


July 19th, 5:30-7pm
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August 2nd, 5:30-7pm
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False Creek Neighbourhood Energy Utility

Visit this innovative waste thermal energy facility and learn how it uses the neighbourhood sewage to produce heat and eliminate more than 60% of greenhouse gas pollution associated with heating buildings.

Passive Design

Learn what passive design means and see architectural examples around the neighbourhood.

LEED Certification

Understand what it means for a building to be “LEED Certified” and discover how Olympic Village’s LEED Platinum Certification made it the greenest, most energy efficient and sustainable neighbourhood on Earth in 2010.

Solar Powered

Olympic Village is teeming with solar power. See how many panels you can spot during the tour.