Collaboration is the Name of the Sustainability Game

By Daniel Rotman. Daniel is a co-facilitator of Master Recycler Vancouver.

I’m a strong believer in the idea that sustainability requires us (all of us) to reach beyond our circles and networks and biases to empower change. It won’t be easy and it won’t look like we think it will.

Take ZooShare for example. This new project takes local animal and food waste to feed an anaerobic digester that then produces energy and fertilizer for the local community, closing the loop on those resources. The bio-gas cooperative is working closely with Miller Waste, the Toronto Zoo, the local community, the local government and its 600 members/funders to make this happen.

Check out Lodge Farm in north Wales, another great example of how animal and food waste are being used locally from a corporate player.

Collaboration also helps us make others do and feel good! Those of us with the passion and energy can’t do it all, so we can simply help others achieve what we all want, a sustainable future. It’s not about being a hero, it’s about cultivating heroes all around us. 

DHL definitely puts the above into practice. How can a shipping company go net zero? They are empowering their employees by training them to help their customers ship more efficiently and through using zero emission, or carbon neutral delivery options. Have you seen their delivery bicycles? DHL is also developing their own in-house electric vehicle technology, and has been a sponsor of the Formula E racing series since it started in 2014. 

Those of us who are doing everything in our power to move towards a greener, cleaner future, you are definitely not alone, and that’s a message we all need to share.


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