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Renewable Energy Demonstration at Riley Park

The Renewable Energy Demonstration (RED) Installation Project aims to design and implement an interactive display at Riley Park Community Garden. The intent of this demonstration is to educate the community on viable energy alternatives to fossil fuels. This project is a collaborative effort between SPEC’s Energy and Transportation Committee, UBC Environmental Science students from ENVR400, and Riley Park.

The shed at Riley Park, with a wind turbine and solar panel attached.

Design Proposal:

The RED interactive display will have stations of energy sources where the public can compare how much energy each source produces. Each station will be connected to a meter which will indicate how much energy is being produced.

The renewable energy sources on display will be solar, wind, and hydro pumped storage. There will also be a station where a person can produce energy manually, such as through a hand crank or a bicycle, so the audience can compare how much energy they produce in relation to different renewable energy sources. The intent of this design is to show the public the practicality of implementing renewable energy sources into their own homes.

Figure 1:  The conceptual map of the demonstration.There will be four modules to the demonstration (Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydro Pumped Storage and Manual Power). Each module will connect to its own display which will contain information about how much energy the module is producing at the time.

Energy Type Demonstration Posters

Current Progress:

The project has been developed by the UBC ENVR 400 students and is planned to be installed by summer 2019.


The set up inside the shed, currently connected to wind and solar energy.

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