Zero Fossil Fuels

This research project was completed in 2014.

Can Vancouver go fossil fuel free?

Short answer – YES, and it is time to make changes to the largest sources of carbon emissions in the City of Vancouver. 

In 2014, SPEC conducted a quantitative analysis of fossil fuel use within Vancouver and explored practical solutions to reduce energy consumption and move to renewables.

Check out the outcomes of this research, including an infographic report on Vancouver’s fossil fuels usage, a feature of Doug Horn’s net-zero home, and a toolkit for individuals to get started on their zero fossil fuel journey.

Impacting the largest sources

Natural gas in buildings (52%), light-duty vehicles (36%), electricity in buildings (6%) and heavy-duty vehicles (5%) are the largest sources of fossil fuel use in the City of Vancouver (2014). Fortunately, we can impact each of these areas with practical solutions that already exist today. 

Check out this infographic to see the solutions we can implement today to help the City transition away from fossil fuels and eliminate our carbon footprint. 

Thank you to TD Friends of the Environment for funding this component of the project.

Click the image to see the full infographic.

Doug Horn's Net-Zero Home

Local eco-hero Doug Horn describes how he transformed his home in North Vancouver to meet his energy needs through renewable energy sources. Not a homeowner? Doug has practical tips you can implement to reduce energy even while renting.

Video by former SPEC Energy team member Emily Chan.

Zero Fossil Fuels Toolkit

If you are inspired to take action to go fossil fuel free, check out The Zero Fossil Fuels Toolkit.  The toolkit compiles resources for individuals, businesses, and communities to start eliminating fossil fuels and make the transition to renewable energy. 

Funding provided by Bullfrog Power and SPEC. 

Click the image to see the full infographic.