Our bee-friendly wildflower seed packets are currently SOLD OUT!

If you would like SPEC to sell pollinator-friendly seeds again in the future, please email us.

Decline in Pollinator Habitats

Pollinator habitats are slowly on the decline due to limited food sources, pesticides and disease. We need your help to create spaces for them to return.

Purchase a packet for your family, school garden, a friend, or treat yourself for $5.00

This special pollinator blend was created in honour of our 50th Birthday in 2019 with West Coast Seeds and includes a variety of beautiful and colourful wildflowers.

Pollinators include: honeybees, mason bees, bumblebees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and hover flies. 

Planting Wildflowers

The Wildflower seeds can be planted in small containers, window boxes, lawns or garden beds. They are suitable for new and seasoned gardeners!

Wildflowers are low maintenance. Just scatter a few seeds lightly over the soil in the early Spring or late Fall and water lightly.

For detailed instructions, please visit West Coast Seeds.

As flowers grow, they will provide a vital source of nectar for the pollinators and a safe space to rest during the warmer months.

Your purchase will directly support SPEC’s work around sustainability, climate action and food literacy education.