Members Corner – November Edition

Members’ Corner is a monthly blog series where SPEC members share their favourite sustainability-related resources.

You should watch: Can Sustainable Plastics Save Us?  featuring Dr. Love-Ese Chile – Webcast 

Daniel Rotman, Co-Chair – Waste Committee & SPEC Board Member

There is a lot of mis- and incorrect information on bioplastics and plastics in general, and this webcast helps clarify the issue. In this talk Dr. Love-Ese Chile explores the major types of sustainable plastics available and highlights what we can do as consumers and tax-payers to help create a circular economy for these new materials. You should watch this webcast if you are interested in learning about sustainable plastics and circular economies from a PhD in bio-plastics. I also know her personally and she is dedicated to this problem.

You should listen to: Mothers of Invention – Podcast

Alison Krahn, SPEC Board Member, Energy Committee 

Hosted by Mary Robinson (former president of Ireland) and Maeve Higgins (Irish comedian), the Mothers of Invention podcast celebrates women who do remarkable things in pursuit of climate justice. Each episode explores a diverse array of women from around the world who are at the forefront of the fight against climate change and injustice – there is a seriously impressive range of guests, from local politicians to presidents and cabinet ministers, local activists to global campaigners, entrepreneurs to world-renowned scientists. Climate change is a huge, complex issue which can be overwhelming, but the Mothers of Invention podcast strikes a good balance between education and entertainment to raise awareness about climate justice. This show is engaging, funny, educational, and the many stories of the “mothers” are truly inspiring.

You should check out: Food Tank – Web Resource and Global Organization

Tara Moreau, SPEC Board Member and Food Committee

Food Tank is a global organization that is working to advance food systems. Their website is a great resource for info on sustainable agriculture and how it relates to other issues such as climate change and poverty. They also release top 10 lists of food-related books.