Homemade Impact

An Eco Lunch and Learn for employee engagement

56% of employees feel disengaged, influenced by the forced work-from-home reality (Gallup).

These days, there is limited casual chatter in the office space anymore. Working from home makes having conversations about more social things like that last Netflix show you watched, more difficult. The only interactions that occur now, are about code reviews, balance sheets, or PowerPoint presentations.

Meanwhile, trying to strike up a casual chat with colleagues becomes an extra step, impacting morale and productivity.

Homemade Impact is an interactive lunch and learn session where your staff can learn and engage in new and interesting habits that make an impact on the environment and their budgets – while taking a break together.


During Homemade Impact, your team will:

Receive tools to apply to everyday life from the comfort of their home.

Build relationships with colleagues while taking a break from work.

Apply their learnings at home.

Save money!


One session delivered by our facilitators is $300.

We recommend booking more than one session for better rates.

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