Celebrating Green Successes in Canada at the Clean 50 Summit

Over the weekend of October 7th-9th, 2022, 50 individuals were honored for their exceptional contribution to Canada’s clean economy. The honorees contributed to sixteen key sectors, including clean technology, manufacturing, renewable energy, research and development, and lifetime achievement. In a time of climate crisis and uncertainty, the ingenuity and passion shown by these Canadian leaders provides a vision for a more sustainable future.

We are excited to announce that SPEC Executive Director, Jennifer Henry, is a 2023 Clean 50 award winner for her contribution to waste reduction in Canada.

SPEC Executive Director honored as an exceptional contributor to the clean economy for her work in reducing coffee house waste in Canada
SPEC’s Executive Director Honored

Jennifer Henry showed exceptional leadership in reducing coffee house waste in Canada. Under Jennifer’s guidance, Perk Eco diverted 14,000 pounds of coffee house waste from landfills. Perk Eco uses a circular-strategy that includes carbon offset couriers who pick up waste from participating cafes across Canada. The coffee cups are transported to a Vancouver processing center and recycled into new consumer products.

Before her time as SPEC’s executive director and leader of Perk Eco, Jennifer was part of SPEC’s Master Recyclers 2020 cohort. It was during her time with Master Recycler when she created Perk Eco.

Local Grocery Store Paves Way for Package-Free Movement

Vancouver-based award recipient and SPEC supporter, Brianne Miller, is honored for her contribution to the package-free movement in Canada. Brianne is the co-founder and CEO of Vancouver’s package free grocery store Nada. Under Brianne’s leadership,  Nada has upcycled more than 1.5 million containers, diverted 3,509 Kgs of food from the landfill, upcycled more than 1.5 million containers, and supported over 100 local suppliers. Nada is another phenomenal example of what a circular economy can look like.

“HalifACT” Leader Demonstrates Municipal Planning Excellence

On the other side of the country, Shannon Miedema, Director of Environment & Climate Change of  Halifax Regional Municipality, has led a team to create an achievable, scientifically backed plan that will bring Halifax to net-zero by 2050. This seven pillar plan includes the following changes: 

1) Retrofit and renewable energy programming; 2) Retrofitting municipal buildings to be net-zero ready and climate resilient; 3) Electrification of transportation; 4) Net-zero standards for new buildings; 5) Framework for assessing and protecting critical infrastructure; 6) Capacity building for climate adaptation and, critically; 7) Financing strategy to operationalize the HalifACT plan over 30 years.

Shannon and her team have set an achievable standard for Canadian Cities as we combat climate change. Let’s work together to promote accountability and climate action in our own municipalities. Visit Your voice at the table: A guide to mobilizing local government climate action and learn how you can promote climate action policies.

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