The health of our planet depends on reducing our energy consumption and shifting over to sustainable and renewable energy sources.

For over 30 years the SPEC has been committed to promoting energy conservation and renewable energy alternatives in the Georgia Basin.  We have opposed to new large-scale power generation infrastructure. Instead we worked to establish a successful Sustainability Demonstration Center which focused on educating the public about the benefits and feasibility of Solar Power generation.

We believe that the installation of solar energy generation systems on residential and commercial building makes good public policy sense. Photovoltaic panels allow public buildings in particular to generate more of their own power.  These may be used in conjunction with wind generators or solar hot water panels. Here, the payback may be measured in two ways: in the dollars saved directly on energy costs and in the reduction in peak energy demands that could be achieved, thereby reducing or delaying the need to build new major power generation facilities. In areas serviced by BC Hydro, the cost of public power remains lower than the cost of photo-voltaic generation--at present energy prices.


SPEC’s Energy Committee works to educate individuals, businesses, communities, and children about renewable energy and energy saving methods to reduce their energy footprint. SPEC offers an opportunity for groups and individuals to view and learn about practical, long-term energy solutions to climate change. We also advocate at a municipal and provincial level for energy policies that move us toward energy conservation and responsible energy production. 

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