Seniors Climate Action Day

We face an intergenerational climate emergency. We need
faster and better climate action now. Later is too late!



SPEC Elders Circle and the Suzuki Elders have teamed up to become the British Columbian hub for Seniors Climate Action Day on October 1st 2024.

We want to see all Elders using their age-related wisdom and skills to take action on climate this fall!

Seniors for Climate

Our Invitation  October 1st is International Day of Older Persons and Canada’s National Seniors Day. As the B.C. Hub of Seniors for Climate—a new Canada-wide, senior-led, climate project—we invite you to join us for a national day of action on the climate emergency. We wish to demonstrate our growing concern about climate breakdown and our desire to rebuild a healthy environment for future generations.

Who We Are We are Canadian seniors deeply committed to help address the climate crisis.  One in four Canadians is a senior: we have exceptional political, economic and social power. We also have the potential to build a nationwide community of seniors advocating for a liveable future, and for social and environmental justice for all.

Our Action Plan We invite your organization to join us to make this Seniors Day of Climate Action a huge success. We need your help!

Our Main Messages

  • We face an intergenerational climate emergency. We need faster and better climate action now. Later is too late!
  • Climate change seriously affects seniors—our health, our food, our economy.
  • Climate solutions existwe need to scale them up at every level of society.

What Your Organization Can Do Organize your seniors’ group to take local action. There are numerous possible actions—public meetings, gatherings in parks and green spaces, demonstrations, marches, press conferences, workshops, petitions, meetings with elected officials and more, to be held October 1-8, 2024. 

You may choose to focus on national or world issues, or on local issues and solutions, for example: shifting fossil fuel subsidies to some of the many sustainable options already available; taxing the beneficiaries of such policies and subsidies so that we all pay towards
a sustainable future; or promoting your local environmental projects. You decide.
Let us know what you decide to do, and we’ll add your event to the national map.

Resources  Seniors for Climate provides a mini-toolkit with support materials to help you plan and organize your event. 

B.C. Hub members for Seniors Climate Action Day are the Suzuki Elders and the SPEC Elders. The Hub can be contacted at: BC-Hub@seniorsforclimate.org

Donate Today to support Elders and Intergenerational Climate Action 

Your support is essential. Please consider making a donation to help us provide resources and mobilize seniors across Canada. Together, we can advocate for a healthier environment for future generations.

Every donation makes a difference. Thank you for your support!