Earth Week Events 2023

Celebrating Earth Day 2023 in Vancouver: Top 10 Events to Join!

As we strive to protect our planet and raise awareness about environmental issues, Earth Day serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship. Vancouver, known for its stunning natural beauty and commitment to sustainability, is gearing up to celebrate Earth Day 2023 with a lineup of exciting events that are sure to inspire engaged  individuals and families. Here are the top 10 Earth Day events to join in Vancouver:

Earthfest at Everett Crowley Park

The Earth Fest is an annual day-long celebration of sustainability featuring interactive workshops, engaging discussions, and hands-on activities. The event aims to promote awareness and action on environmental issues, encourage sustainable practices, and foster community engagement. With a variety of workshops and activities related to topics such as waste reduction, renewable energy, and climate action, the Earth Fest provides a platform for the community to come together and learn, collaborate, and inspire positive change towards a more sustainable future!

Saturday April 22 from 11am-3pm ay Everett Crowley Park

EarthFest at Everett Crowley Park

The “Wetlands 4 Climate Earth Day Workshop” is a special event organized by EYA to celebrate Earth Day with a focus on wetlands and their role in climate action. The workshop offers an opportunity for participants to learn about wetlands’ significance in mitigating climate change and supporting biodiversity. The event features interactive discussions, informative presentations, and engaging activities related to wetland conservation and climate resilience.  Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and be inspired to take action for wetland conservation and climate change mitigation.

Sunday April 23 from 11am-12:30pm at Strathcona Community Garden

Earth Day at Trout Lake 

Join Wildcoast Ecological Society this Earth Day at Trout Lake in Vancouver to help remove invasive plants. The event fosters community engagement, educates participants about invasive species, and promotes environmental stewardship, ultimately contributing to the conservation of local ecosystems. Trout Lake will also be running its own Earth Day activities and booths until 2 pm!

Saturday April 22 from 10am-1pm at Trout Lake

Move to protect our planet- Earth Day Yoga

On April 22nd, YYOGA in partnership with Better Basics , will be hosting a grounding hatha yoga class to celebrate Earth Day.  All proceeds from this by-donation class will benefit SPEC and the environmental and community work we do.  This will be a great opportunity to connect with your body and mind as we celebrate the earth around us.

Saturday April 22 from 9-10am at Yyoga Downtown Flow (888 Burrard St)

Celebrate Earth Day with a Tour at UBC Farms

Earth Day by exploring the beautiful UBC Farms and learning about sustainable farming practices! Participants can enjoy a guided tour of the farm, engage in discussions about sustainable agriculture, and learn about the farm-to-table movement. The event provides a chance to connect with local farmers, chefs, and other like-minded individuals, while also promoting awareness and appreciation for sustainable food systems and their positive impact on the environment.

Saturday April 22 from 11am-2pm at UBC Farm

Earth Day Film Screening — Food Stash Foundation

The “Earth Day Film Screening at Food Stash: Just Eat It – A Food Waste Story” is an event organized on Foodstash to raise awareness about food waste and its environmental impact. The event features a screening of the documentary film “Just Eat It – A Food Waste Story,” which sheds light on the staggering amount of food that goes to waste in North America and its implications for the environment and society followed by engaging discussions and opportunities for participants to learn about practical ways to reduce food waste in their daily lives. It provides a platform for individuals to come together, learn, and discuss solutions for addressing the global issue of food waste.

Friday April 21 from 6-8:30pm at Foodstash Foundation (290 E 1st Ave Unit 100)

Repair Café Vancouver City Hall

The Repair Café Vancouver City Hall welcomes participants to bring in their broken items and have them repaired by skilled volunteers. The event aims to promote repair and reduce waste by encouraging the repair and reuse of items, rather than throwing them away. Attendees can expect to learn basic repair skills, engage in conversations about sustainable consumption, and contribute to the reduction of waste in their community by extending the lifespan of their belongings through repair.

Saturday April 22 from 9am-1pm at City Hall

Earth Day EcoStewards in Stanley Park

Get involved this Earth Day by participating in ecological restoration activities, such as removing invasive plant species to restore Stanley Park’s natural ecosystems. The event aims to engage the community in hands-on conservation efforts, raise awareness about the importance of ecological restoration, and promote stewardship of Stanley Park’s unique natural heritage. Participants can expect to learn about local plant species, contribute to the conservation of Stanley Park, and make a positive impact on the park’s ecological health through their participation in this Earth Day event.

Saturday April 22 from 10am-1pm at the Nature House in Stanley Park

Earth Day Birthday Bash with Fresh Roots

This event offers a fun and educational experience for participants of all ages, featuring a variety of activities such as gardening, seed planting, and educational workshops on sustainable food systems. Attendees can expect to learn about urban farming, food sustainability, and engage in hands-on activities related to growing food in an urban environment. The event promotes awareness and appreciation for sustainable food practices and encourages community engagement in local food initiatives.

Saturday April 22 from 1-4pm at 2600 East Broadway

Earth Day in Moodyville Park

The event offers a family-friendly day of outdoor activities to celebrate Earth Day, including tree planting, nature walks, and environmental education workshops. Participants can expect to engage in hands-on activities to connect with nature, learn about local ecosystems, and contribute to the conservation efforts of Moodyville Park. The event promotes awareness and appreciation for the environment and encourages community participation in environmental stewardship.

Saturday April 22 from 10am-2pm at Moodyville Park

The Herons are Here: Heron 101

“The Herons are Here: Heron 101” is an event organized by the Stanley Park Ecology Society that offers an opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of herons and their annual nesting activities in the park. Participants can expect to gain knowledge about the biology, behavior, and ecology of herons, as well as their importance as a species in the local ecosystem. The event provides an engaging educational experience, suitable for all ages, and promotes awareness and appreciation for these majestic birds and their significance in Stanley Park’s natural heritage.

Friday April 21 from 5:30-7pm on Zoom

As we celebrate Earth Day 2023 in Vancouver, let’s come together as a community to raise awareness, take action, and promote environmental stewardship.  So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and join these exciting Earth Day events in Vancouver to make a positive impact on our planet! Happy Earth Day!