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Resources for Individuals

1. Tips on how to go Zero Waste

From everything the basics of the Three R's, to recipes for homemade toiletries, SPEC's Waste Committee has collected a number of handy tips and resources for anyone who wants to reduce their waste. 

2. Zero Waste in 10 Steps

The paperless version of our popular 'Zero Waste in 10 Steps' brochure. 

3. Green 2 Go

The Green 2 Go Project aimed to assist Vancouver in its goal of reducing landfill-bound solid waste by working with city restaurants and the public to reduce take-out container waste. The project, which completed its pilot phase in January 2014, assists and leverages capacity of existing initiatives in Vancouver, linking efforts through a more centralized approach to encourage and assist businesses and consumers in providing or transitioning to fully reusable, compostable or recyclable alternatives.

4. Right to Dry - Final Recommendations

Right to Dry is a movement to stop property managers and stratas from banning owners and residents from hang-drying clothing, often siting aesthetic reasons. Hang drying clothing is a great alternative to using a clothes-dryer, which uses significant amounts of energy. In 2018, students from UBC's ENVR400 course researched the Right to Dry campaign and the affect it could have on Metro Vancouver. 

5. Members' Corner

Members' Corner is a blog series where SPEC members share their favourite sustainability-related resources. Need a good documentary to watch, or looking for a new book to read? If you are eager to learn more about environmental issues, check out what we at SPEC are learning from.

Outside Resources

1. Climate Change Needs Behaviour Change by RARE Centre for Behaviour & the Environment

This report identifies 30 behavioural solutions that can mitigate 19.9-36.8 percent of global emissions from 2020-2050.

2. Sustainable Lifestyles: Options & Opportunities by One Earth

This report shares proven actions and campaigns that can be run by those with limited resources who want maximum impact reducing the footprint of food, housing, mobility.

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