Legacy-making for Organizational Guiding Elders

The SPEC Elders Circle offers support and training in Claiming Our Role as Elders (CORE) and is launching a project designed for elders who participate, or wish to participate, in organizations as a Guiding Elder.

Through workshops, group discussions, and guided reflective self-assessment, participants will:

  • Develop Guiding Elder knowledge and skills
  • Better understand how to use your knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to an organization
  • Develop an understanding of organizational behavior
  • Learn to communicate your wisdom  effectively while fine-tuning your ability to understand others
  • Experience youth and Indigenous panel discussions

"If you have a longing to change our collective legacy in wholesome ways, get involved with organizations that do good work in the world, please consider joining this program for free training in how to make elder volunteer experience one that is truly satisfying"
      -Carole Christopher, Guiding SPEC Elder and Elder Circle founder


This free online multi-session program is provided to registered participants. Participating in virtual workshops, elders will come away with the groundwork for participating in organizations as a Guiding Elder.

We are currently piloting 4-modules of our Legacy-making for Organizational Guiding Elders program which will run on Tuesdays from December to March.

Please sign up promptly to reserve your spot.

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