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Just Click Your Heels Three Times and Say…

04 Nov 2018 3:34 PM | Anonymous

By Paul Myers

– Piece originally published in The Gibsons Farm Collective Newsletter – 

Here is your sacred hideaway. Here is your haven of calm, of conversance, of predictability. Here is where you know where the teaspoons are, and where you can find the lamp switch in the dark. Here is your place of self-expression. Here is where you can feel, and be, your Self. We arrived home just a few days ago after a two-week sojourn from a far place, a place where the water faucets were turned around and the lamp switch wasn’t. In this short time away we see that the farm has changed. The season of turning seems to have gathered the force of a centrifuge. Ponds are filled now. Fallen leaves are soggy. The woodpile needs restocking. Yet this too, is home. Our hideaway. Our true selves.

The human longing for home comes from a deep place within us, much deeper than the mere comfort of familiarities. We leave the birth canal to wander. We travel far and wide through the adventure of life. But however straight or serpentine the path, in every step—would you not agree?—we are still walking homewards. To nephesh, to our true self.

Though fall presses down hard now, GFC still brings gorgeous local food to your tables, with special mention this week of the availability of farm-raised Brookbank lamb. Supplies will not last, so get here early! The lamb will be available on a first-come first-served basis this week at the pick up.

Also, Paul’s Farm-Blogs-Now-A-Book has passed the proof stage and is currently at press (if you like the blogs you will love the book!). This work of meditations and farm life pictorial will be offered exclusively at cost to our great GFC friends.
Paul Myers

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