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Some Questions and Thoughts, by Lydia

07 May 2017 3:55 PM | Barbara Joughin

Some Questions and Thoughts

by Lydia

March 29, 2017

How to admit you love everyone?

Under all the nervously constructed top layer of our interactions?

Is that love stronger than ...

Or perhaps the cause of ...

The death fear,

The not doing it good enough fear,

The wasting precious time fear?

Constructing peace; I got some way on that today.

My home rests better in better order. Or so it feels to me.

Where does my love live when it is in quiescent?

Is it everywhere - waiting for the stillness -

To shine its light thru' me onto some dear morsel of creation?

Words - to speak of what ........? 

Life is the gift - the journey, the opening ... 

Proceeding ahead like a really, really old car;

Engine stalling and sputtering on a bumpy road

Through the most astoundingly beautiful scenic route.

May I serve your majestic presence? 

Dip your brush in this can of paint.

How can I move with the grace of a dear, precious, garden snake?

Through these fears of harming your world;

Making irrelevant noise,

Stirring up dust,

Leaving crap around that you need to get rid of.

Under all of this; deep blessing ...

The ephemeral gift of each other.

God gazing in creation's mirror

Alleviating  loneliness of singularity;

With confusion, marvellous adventure, and playmates.

Be delighted, peaceful my beloveds.

Your light is the holy fire.

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