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Some Characteristics of Elder Wisdom, by Rudi Krause

24 Mar 2017 9:58 PM | Barbara Joughin

The SPEC Elders Circle has chosen “reclaiming elder wisdom” as its catch-phrase. In the Elder Circle Salons, core team meetings, casual conversations, and email exchanges we have clarified and elaborated the nature of such “wisdom.”

In no particular order, here are some characteristics:

·         paying attention

·         showing up; being there

·         not being judgmental

·         encouraging others

·         meeting others with a loving gaze

·         flexibility and openness

·         an ongoing willingness to learn and engage

·         a sense of humour

·         not taking yourself too seriously

·         humility

·         gratitude

·         willingness to admit where, when, and how we've been part of any problem

·         willingness to change your mind and the way you live

·         willingness and ability to accept the changes in our bodies

·         willingness to accept help graciously

·         generosity

·         generativity

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