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One-Percent For The Planet

Climate Change Adaptation for Small Scale Farmers

While much of our food is imported and/or transported great distances, Metro Vancouver is fortunate that the nearby delta, fertile valleys and a growing urban farming movement comprise our local food-shed. Supporting the urban and peri-urban farmers who grow our food helps to: 

  • increase the security and viability of our food system and 
  • improves the livelihoods of folks who are true stewards of the land and who utilize best practices that benefit us all.

There are currently 15 farms in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley that are participating in this project. From small, urban food producers to farmers located on the peri-urban edge, this project acknowledges that one of the most valuable assets a grower can have is a network of resources to draw on that is rooted in knowledge of local conditions. However, given there are no dedicated extension services, there is a clear need for mechanisms for growers in Metro Vancouver to access and share knowledge, especially around topics of climate change adaptation.

The aim of the project is to explore strategies and approaches to farming that address issues, which improve growers' ability to weather changes and challenges brought on by a changing climate among other things. Emerging threats associated with climate change include, but are not limited to:
  • increased pest pressure, 
  • water scarcity, and 
  • soil degradation.

Often, these growers are expected to deal with environmental challenges on their own and at their own cost. This project serves to support these growers in finding much needed solutions and best practices that are site specific, current, adaptable to changing conditions and, most importantly, shareable. In this way, farmers can access better information without huge costs and augment the collective knowledge base of farmers in their area.

Funding and Project Support:

  • Vancouver Foundation
  • Gow Jarrett-Millard Family
  • UBC Botanical Garden
  • UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm
  • Young Agrarians
  • Vancouver Urban Farming Society 

For more information please contact

Upcoming Events:

6th Annual Urban Farming Forum: Sustainable Futures: Sowing Knowledge, Skills & Connection, on Nov 26, 2016 

SPEC will participate in two afternoon sessions: 

SESSION E - Building Networks, Resources, and Support for Small-Scale Farmers

Small-scale farmers are asking for resources specific to their growing systems. We continue to explore a multi-stakeholder, collaborative model that will provide extension services to support the needs of small-scale, urban and non-urban farmers, now and into the future.

Sara Dent, Young Agrarians

Hannah WittmanAcademic Director, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems UBC

Orlando Schmidt, Regional Manager, Coast, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Kiara Jack, ES Cropconsult

Moderated by Art Bomke, Professor Emeritus UBC Land & Food Systems and SPEC

SESSION C - Children & Youth and the Urban Farming Movement

Rosalind Sadowski, Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society

Amanda Adams, Growing Chefs!

Nikoo Boroumond, SPEC School Gardens Program

Moderated by Samantha Gambling, Farm to School Vancouver Area Regional Hub

More information on the Forum and sessions can be found here

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